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Research and Project Work

These assorted references are listed here with the intention that they may be useful to graudate and postgraduate students, with project or research work to do, and with the associated writing up of this work in the form of a dissertation or thesis.

Web Pages

The 31Z*/99** project pages are specifically for our 4th-year undergraduate projects, however there is also some useful more generally-applicable advice within the pages concerning the general structure of project reports.
The MSc/Diploma in Information Technology pages have links to useful information, specifically the Dissertation Guidance note.
Slides (in .pdf format) from a talk given to MSc students on 11th June 2001
The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing is a comprehensive site at Washington College, giving a lot of useful advice about style, structure, quotations, grammar, spelling and other topics.
Cite-a-Source could be useful if you're not sure how to present references in a bibliography, the web site asks you for information about your sources, and then cites them neatly for you.
Research and writing: an online resource is provided by the Center for Language and Educational Technology at the Asian Institute of Technology, and although it is research-oriented, a lot of the tips about writing and structure are very applicable to project write-ups.
A Student's Guide to WWW Research - not so much a writing resource, but a guide to searching/finding/using information produced using the WWW.
Research Tips - an article by the Graduate School at Edith Cowan University in Australia
How To Organize Your Thesis -- an essay by John Chinneck about the thesis and the relationship to the research it describes
Graduate Study in the Computer and Mathematical Sciences - a Survival Guide -- by Dianne Prost O Leary
Collected Advice on Research and Writing -- a collection of links about assorted research skills, including writing, publishing, giving talks, career development


I have indicated which are available at the Stirling University library. Otherwise, try your local bookshop, or Amazon is a good online UK bookshop, with book reviews and information as well as reasonable prices.

Title: Mind the Stop
Author: Gordon Vero Carey
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0140510729
Year: 1971
Price: 4.79 from Amazon

This is a guide to punctuation, very readable I am told. Copies available in Stirling University library.

Title: Scientists must write: a guide to better writing for scientists, engineers, students
Author: Robert Barrass
Publisher: Chapman and Hall
ISBN: 0412154307
Year: 1978
Price: 14.99 from Amazon

This isn't a book about grammar, or even just a book about technical writing, but a book that goes further to look into why writing is important for scientists and engineers. Available in Stirling University library.

Title: Principles of scientific and technical writing
Author: J.E.Morris
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 1966

Available in Stirling University library.

Dr Bruce Graham ( (originally compiled by Dr Sharon Curtis)
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