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Assorted information about Java.

Web Pages

Sun's Java site, including
List of Java products, with links to downloading
Java 2 documentation, version 1.3 or version 1.2
Java Tutorial, and the Really Big Index for it
Java 2 Runtime Environment
Swing - a collection of useful classes for GUI (graphical user interface) components, and here's the Swing portion of the Java tutorial
Java 2D Web site, the Java 2D API documentation, and the Java2D tutorial
Java 3D Web site, the Java3D API documentation, and a page where you can get the Java3D tutorial from.
Java Advanced Imaging API, the Guide to the JAI API, and the JAI Tutorial
Java Look and Feel Guidelines - Online Version
Javadoc Tool Home Page (Javadoc is a tool to assist documentation of your Java programs)
Javaworld magazine has a lot of useful articles, including
Getting started with Java 2D
Antialiasing, images, and alpha compositing in Java 2D
Image processing with Java 2D - JavaWorld - September 1998
Learn how applets load network-based images asynchronously
How Java uses the producer/consumer model to handle images -- An insider's look
When static images just don't make the cut
How Do I Process Images with Java? (article by Aaron Michael Cohen)
Bruce Eckel's MindView site has huge quantities of Java resources, including free electronic books
RealJ is a development environment for Java, free for non-commercial use


I own copies of some of these books, which I have indicated. If you can't get these through your local bookshop, Amazon is a good online UK source, with book reviews and information as well as reasonable prices.

Title: Thinking in Java (2nd edition)
Author: Bruce Eckel
ISBN: 0130273635
Price: 26.99 from Amazon
Year: 2000

Not for those new to programming but very helpful for those new to Java, it gets you thinking in the way you need to to manipulate objects in the Java world. Clear and helpful. Also this is book is available online!!

Title: Java 2D Graphics
Author: Jonathan Knudsen
ISBN: 1565924843
Price: 15.96 from Amazon
Publisher: O' Reilly
Year: 1999

This book gives a guide to using the Java 2D API, which is a set of classes for advanced 2D graphics and imaging, encompassing line art, text, and images in a single comprehensive model.
I have a copy of this book.

Title: Image Processing in Java
Author: Douglas A. Lyon
ISBN: 0139745777
Price: 30.34 from Amazon
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Year: 1999

An image processing book, with the examples written in Java. Not just basic graphics programming, there is more advanced material there too. In my opinion, the material is not terribly well presented and does have mistakes in it.

This book doesn't use Java 2D or the Swing classes. CD included.
I have a copy of this book.

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