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These references are concerned with information technology as it applies to representing images and other forms of computer graphics. For colour-specific information see the Colour references.

(For references concerning the creation of graphics, see the Creative Graphics references page, and also those on Anamorphic Images and Fractals.)

Web pages

The Imaging Resource - digital cameras, digital imaging, digital photography, digital scanners
The Graphics File Format Page, with specifications of file formats
The latest Graphics File Formats FAQ
Iterated Systems Inc. (commercial fractal compression)
A demonstration of Interlaced GIFs
Publications concerning Blind People and Graphics
Transparent GIF Service -- this can make your GIFs transparent for you!
TrueType Typography


Eadweard Muybridge and his animations at the UCR/California Museum of Photography
Build your own zoetrope
Example Swarm animation


I own copies of some of these books, which I have indicated. If you can't get these through your local bookshop, Amazon is a good online UK source, with book reviews and information as well as reasonable prices.

Title: Practical Computer Graphics
Author: Malcolm Richardson
ISBN: 0077094441
Price: 30.99 from Amazon
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 1999

Not a usual book about computer graphics, instead looking at the fundamentals of how images are represented within computers, and reproduced on devices. I own a copy of this book.

Title: Digital Multimedia
Author: Chapman, Chapman
ISBN: 0471983861
Price: 27.50 from Amazon
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
Year: 2000

This has some information on Sound. It also has a website.
I have a copy of this book.

Title: Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats
Author: James D. Murray and William van Ryper
Publisher: O' Reilly

Has a section in the beginning about graphics file formats in general, including explaining of terminology, and then the rest of the (very large) book is taken up with giving details of individual file formats.

Prof. Turner has a copy of this book.

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