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Web Pages

* Dr. Stephen Westland's Colour Physics FAQ (this deals with the more physical aspects of colour)
* Charles Poynton's Colour FAQ (this contains relevant information about colour relevant to computer representation of images)
* Charles Poynton has also written an article about Color Management Technology for Workstations, which you can download, and it's a very readable account of the problems faced when trying to maintain colour fidelity between monitors, scanners and printers.
* Trumatch - a 4-colour matching system to achieve true colour matching for your printer/copier <
Colour Design and Tools - lots of useful information and design guidelines about colour

Web Pages specifically about colour blindness

* BT's page about Safe web colours for colour-deficient vision
The first online colour-blindness simulator
* Designing for the Color-Challenged: A Challenge - an article by Thomas G. Wolfmaier
Lighthouse International has a very clear page concerning contrast colours, for designing for people with partial sight and colour deficiencies
Dave's Virtual Laboratory has a range of colour-blindness tests
Ishihara Test for Colour Blindness
The Creamer Color Chart is an easy to use colour blindness test in young children

Dr Bruce Graham ( (originally compiled by Dr Sharon Curtis)
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