HCI, Web and Multimedia Reference Pages

I have several lists of resources (both online and printed) concerning various technical subjects, and I hope you find them useful. The lists provided are not intended to be complete or balanced, but are just a means of making the information I have more easily available.

Human-Computer Interaction (usability, disabilities, input devices)
Web Authoring (HTML Help, Web Design)
Multimedia Authoring

Colour (colour models, colour blindness, output devices)
Practical Graphics (digital imaging, image formats, animation)
Creative Graphics (3D, rendering, miscellaneous)
Anamorphic Images

Research/Project Work (how to go about doing project or research work, technical writing for dissertations/theses, search help etc.)

Dr Bruce Graham ( (originally compiled by Dr Sharon Curtis)
Lecturer, Room 4B70, Cottrell Building
Department of Computing Science and Mathematics
University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA   SCOTLAND