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Anamorphic Images

An anamorphic image is one where you look at the image in a certain way (eg from a particular viewpoint or reflected in a mirror) to see the image as the artist intends. Examples: advertising images painted on sports pitches that appear to "sit up" and look at the camera; road signs that are painted very elongated on the road so that drivers see them more in the correct shape.

Web Pages

Art of Anamorphosis is a new site with lots of artworks, information, software
The Community Bridge Project in Frederick, Maryland, near Washington DC, has a lot of trompe d'oeil features on the bridge, including a beautiful anamorphic image of an angel.
Paul Bourke's page about anamorphic projections
My MSc project proposal about anamorphic images
Illusionworks has some terrific pages about anamorphic images, for example these ones by Orovitz.
Murrayfield, home of Scottish Rugby, has a webcam on which anamorphic images on the pitch may sometimes be seen

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