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Resources concerning HTML creation and web-specific design principles.

Oh, and here's a link to Opera's home page, in case anyone wants to find out about "the third browser"!

Web Pages

HTML Authoring

HTML School, from W3Schools, have an excellent comprehensive guide to HTML, broken down into manageable sections.
Internet Brothers have a good Basic HTML Tutorial, as well as a more advanced one.
A Beginner's Guide to HTML, from NCSA. A large document, stored locally on campus.
HTML Quick Reference Guide - more for experienced HTML users, this gives a pretty comprehensive list of HTML tags
HTML Reference Manual -- again, not for beginners, but very comprehensive. See also the HTML Elements List to go with it.
From Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing, Learn to Program HTML in 21 minutes -- wacky but fun.
Bobby - a free service to help web authors make their pages accessible to people with disabilities

Web Design and Usability

Jakob Nielsen's wonderful wonderful website about web design -- the archives of the various articles he has written are a very comprehensive resource, check them out!
Vincent Flanders' Web Pages that Suck -- great site where you can learn about good design by looking at bad design
WebTomorrow has a page of Bad Websites submitted by visitors
Usable Web - many links about web usability
Yale Style Guide -- a good guide to web style
Web Design Patterns -- take a look at double tabs, breadcrumbs, and all sorts of other common web page design elements
Integrated Technologies Web Style Guide -- more of a beginning guide, with help with HTML
BCM Web Style Guide
Sun's Guide to Web Style
IBM's Ease of Use Group have a specific set of Web Guidelines
Weinschenk's GUI and Web Guidelines
The Quintus Flash Index - a list of links about Flash and usability
The Web Accessbility Initiative promotes a high degree of usability for people with disabilities, and its pages contain a wide range of information
Diane Wilson's Web Design pages
Andrew Oakley's article on Colour Blind Design Hints and Tips contains some specific suggestions for web pages, and he also has an article explaining the medical terms used.
BT's page about Safe web colours for colour-deficient vision
Viewable With Any Browser -- Campaign for a Non-Browser-Specific WWW. Also contains a very useful Accessible Site Design Guide
Web Design for Dyslexic Users -- information about dyslexia and tips for web designers


Title: Web Style Guide
Author: Patrick Lynch, Sarah Horton
ISBN: 0300076754
Publisher: Yale University Press
Year: 1999

This is a very good little book, and is also available online!! See Yale Style Guide, as linked to above.

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