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Web pages

sci.fractals FAQ
ThinkQuest's Fantastic Fractals pages, including fractal landscapes, fractal music, galleries, workshops and more
Sprott's Fractal Gallery is pretty extensive covering many different types of fractal. There is also a "fractal of the day" feature.
Paul Bourke's fantastic graphics pages include a good section on Fractals and Chaos. Lots of articles on various fractal topics, and there are galleries too, including a 3D one you can take a virtual tour of!
Wizzle's Mathemagic Images, a gallery with lots of beautiful fractals
Jeff Field's Fractal Gallery
Fractal Landscapes (a project by Bill Nell at Cornell University)
Yuval Fisher's highly informative pages about Fractal Image Compression
Fractint is a freeware DOS fractal generator. There is also a Fractint Screen Saver available.
Linda has some Fractint lessons, useful for finding your way about the program.
Filmer, by Julian Haight, is an animation program that uses Fractint to create fractal movies.
Fractal Dimension in Nature (includes clouds project)
Cynthia Lanus' Fractal Pages includes information about fractal dimensions
A tutorial on Fractal Dimension


I own copies of some of these books, which I have indicated. If you can't get these through your local bookshop, Amazon is a good online UK source, with book reviews and information as well as reasonable prices.

Title: The Fractal Geometry of Nature
Author: Benoit Manbelbrot
Publisher: W.H.Freeman and Company
ISBN: 0716711869
Year: 1982

A classic book which is in the style of a long essay, by Mandelbrot himself. This book is like a survey of fractals, with mathematics, although one can ignore that and just read the words and look at the beauty of the pictures.
I have a copy of this book.

Title: Fractals Everywhere
Author: Michael Barnsley
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0120790610
Year: 1993

This book is now in its 2nd edition. It's a general book about fractals, but concentrating a lot on how fractals occur everywhere you look, and the different applications of fractals. It is quite mathsy, and includes quite a lot on iterated function systems. Lots of very nice pictures. A great book, much recommended. I own a copy of this book.

Title: Fractal Imaging
Author: Ning Lu
ISBN: 0124580106
Price: 33.67 from Amazon
Publisher: Academic Press
Year: 1997

Not a general book about fractals, but all about the use of fractals in the representation of images. Includes a lot of information about fractal compression. Good illustrations. I own a copy of this book.

Title: Fractal Image Compression: Theory and Application
Editor: Yuval Fisher
ISBN: 0387942114
Price: 41.27 from Amazon
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 1994

Useful book explaining the basics of fractal image compression and going into further details and options, such as how to get good compression ratios, and image quality. I own a copy of this book.

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