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See also the web design section of the Web Authoring references page, and the colour blindness links on the Colour references page.


The STC Usability SIG Web Site has a goldmine of various resources, including articles, links, book reviews, newsletter archives, etc.
From Isis Information Architects: Interface Hall of Shame and Interface Hall of Fame
PC Computing presents: Usability Hall of Fame, Hall of Shame
Bad Human Factors Designs -- a scrapbook of illustrated examples of things that are hard to use
Yahoo! pages on HCI
Usability at Helsinki University of Technology
James Hom's The Usability Methods Toolbox has details of various usability techniques, including prototyping, inspections, inquiries and testing.
The Usability Laboratory
User Interface Design News
The Windows 95 User Interface: a Case Study in Usability Engineering - an article from the CHI96 proceedings giving details of the evolution of the design of Windows 95
The comp.risks Archive provides many examples of possible consequences of bad system design.


Bobby - a free service to help web authors make their pages accessible to people with disabilities
Freedom Scientific - assistive technology for blind and visually impaired computer users
Publications concerning Blind People and Graphics


MouseSite, a site for exploring the history of HCI, including mice and other devices
The Classic Typewriter Page
An article by Charles Poynton entitled Reducing eyestrain from video and computer monitors
Bat keyboard -- a chord keyboard
The Twiddler, a chord keyboard and mouse combined!
SecureTouch Touchscreens manufacture different sorts of "rugged yet responsive" touch screens
Mouseburger (!!!)
Introducing the Dvorak Keyboard -- lots of information about this keyboard
The Typing Injuries FAQ contains a lot of information and pointers to information about all sorts of devices
Pointing Device FAQ -- mice, trackballs, and other devices
Logitech's Mice and Trackballs sites.


Title: Designing the User Interface
Author: Ben Shneiderman
ISBN: 0201694972
Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman Higher Education
Year: 1998

A good comprehensive book for the HCI part of both the 31N5 and IT41 courses, containing a lot more information than covered in the course. Its major drawback is that it contains very little information about the World-Wide Web. There is also a website for the book.

Title: Human-Computer Interaction
Author: Jenny Preece
ISBN: 0201627698
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Year: 1994

Useful book, in a different style to Shneiderman, with more visual layout on the page rather than the essay style of Shneiderman. Strongly recommended for reading, possibly as a resource for exam revision. The book does not, however, cover the WWW.

Title: The Design of Everyday Things
Author: Donald Norman
ISBN: 0262640376
Publisher: MIT Press
Year: 1998

This is a wonderful little book. I don't often recommend computing books for bedtime reading (except perhaps for their soporific effect), but this is one of the few. It's not written for a specifically computing audience, more for anyone, and it looks at design of everyday things that you use, from doors to telephones to light switches to software. Read this and not only won't you look at things in quite the same light again, but you'll have a good understanding of general design issues. If you're strapped for cash and wondering which books to buy, this has got to be high up on your list.

Title: Human-Computer Interaction
Author: Alan Dix
ISBN: 0132398648
Publisher: Prentice Hall Europe
Year: 1997

Useful background reading. There is also a website.

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