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Dr Sandy Brownlee


I currently teach on CSCU9A3 - Data Structures, Objects and Algorithms during the Autumn/Winter semester, and ITNPBD6 - Data Analytics during the Spring semester. On ITNPBD6 I am also module coordinator.

I have previously taken lectures and labs for some parts of:

In the past I have also taught on a number of topics including optimisation, genetic algorithms, introductory Java programming, web application frameworks and web technologies such as XML.

Honours / MSc Dissertation Supervision

I am open to the possibility of supervising a honours and MSc projects in areas related to my research. Please get in touch if you are keen! Other available projects for final year CS students are here.

PhD Student Supervision

Co-supervisor for Kevin Graham (principal supervisor Leslie Smith) - metaheuristic performance in continuous problems

Co-supervisor for Ken Reid (principal supervisor Jingpeng Li) - scheduling and rostering optimization

External co-supervisor for Vivi Vatougiou (principal supervisor Jon Wright) at Loughborough University - Retrofit heat pump and thermal storage systems for UK houses

Completed students

Co-supervisor for Jason Adair (principal supervisor Gabriela Ochoa) - viva date 14/8/2018, "Search Based Approaches For Improved Training Of BCI Applications"

Co-supervisor for Sami Haraldsson (principal supervisor John Woodward) - viva date 23/8/2017, "Genetic Improvement: From Program Landscapes to the Automatic Improvement of a Live System"

Co-supervisor for Mengchao (Wendy) Wang (principal supervisor Jon Wright). Viva date 10/6/2014, with thesis "Sensitivity Analysis and Evolutionary Optimization for Building Design". Her thesis can be found at Loughborough University.