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Computing Science and Mathematics - Staff List

In the tables below, click on a Name link in the left hand column to access that person's home page, on a Room link to see the location of their office on the Office Floorplan and on a Reveal Email button in the right hand column to reveal a person's email addresses.

To telephone a member of staff from off campus, dial 01786 46 before the four digit extension number in the Ext column. From outside the UK, dial +44 1786 46 before the extension number.

You might like to look at our Staff Photoboard or the Office Floorplan.

Computing Science and Mathematics Staff

Name Role Room Ext Reveal Email
Head of Division
Prof Evan Magill Professor of Computing Science 4B116 7425
Grace McArthur Divisional Administrator 4B112 7421
Linda Bradley Divisional Secretary 4B112 7436
Gemma Gardiner Administrative Assistant 4B112 7420
Lynn Reilly Project Administrator 4B112 7429
Prof Bruce Graham Computing Science, Divisional Executive 4B120 7432
Prof Amir Hussain Computing Science 4X3 7437
Prof Adam Kleczkowski Mathematics 4B118 7426
Prof Rachel Norman Aquatic Food Security, Divisional Executive 4B92 7466
Prof Carron Shankland Computing Science, Divisional Executive 4B122 7444
Prof Leslie Smith Computing Science 4B85 7435
Dr Jozsef Farkas Mathematics 4B126 7464
Dr Jingpeng Li Computing Science 4B95 7450
Senior Lecturers
Dr Andrew Hoyle Mathematics 4B90 7467
Dr Mario Kolberg Computing Science 4B123 7440
Dr Gabriela Ochoa Computing Science 4B104 7438
Dr Andrea Bracciali Computing Science 4B86 7446
Dr David Cairns Computing Science 4B87 7445
Dr Jessica Enright Mathematics 4B100 7458
Dr Simon Jones Computing Science 4B121 7434
Dr Savi Maharaj Computing Science 4B119 7431
Dr Anthony O'Hare Food Security 4B113 7427
Dr Kevin Swingler Computing Science 4B97 7676
Teaching Fellows
Kate Howie Mathematics, Consultant Statistician 4B124 7465
Dr Penny Jackson Mathematics 4B117 7451
Donald Smith Mathematics 4B115 7468
Research Fellows
Dr Ahsan Adeel Computing Science 4B128 7447
Dr Sandy Brownlee Computing Science 4B69 7462
Dr Lee Christie Computing Science 4B69 7462
Dr Oleg Sheremet Mathematics 4X6 7652
Research Assistants
Joana Carvalho Computing Science 4B127 7457
Dr Saemundur Haraldsson Computing Science 4B69 7462
Dr Paul McMenemy Mathematics 4B69 7462
Stacia Stetkiewicz Mathematics 4B127 7457
Dr Amjad Ullah Computing Science 4B69 7462
Dr Nadarajen Veerapen Computing Science 4B69 7462
Computing Support Group
Sam Nelson Senior Computer Officer 4B81 7443
Graham Cochrane Computer Officer 4B81 7442
Chris Grigson Computing Science 4V8 6469
Faisal Abidin Computing Science 4B128 7447
Jason Adair Computing Science 4B101 7459
Mohammad Alharbi Computing Science 4X1 7424
Liaqat Ali Computing Science 4X1 7424
Abdulrahman Al Qarafi Computing Science 4B128 7447
Omair Ameerbakhsh Computing Science 4X1 7424
Scott Bee Mathematics 4B107 7433
Lee Benson Mathematics 4B99 7448
Vincenzo Crescimanna Computing Science 4B107 7433
Kia Dashtipour Computing Science 4B128 7428
Craig Docherty Computing Science 4B99 7448
Muyao Fan Computing Science 4B101 7459
Muhamed Wael Farouq Computing Science 4B128 7428
Mandar Gogate Computing Science 4B128 7447
Kevin Graham Computing Science 4B101 7459
Muhammad Ilyas Computing Science 4B128 7428
Brian Lee Mathematics 4B106 7422
Amaryllis Mavragani Computing Science 4B101 7459
Iona Paterson Mathematics 4B106 7422
Ken Reid Computing Science 4B107 7433
Ahmed Saeed Computing Science 4X1 7424
Ashraya Shiva Computing Science 4B128 7428
Sarah Thomson Computing Science 4B101 7459
Annan Yearian Computing Science 4B101 7459
Part-time Postgraduates
Hicham Atassi Computing Science 4B128 7428
Emeritus and Honorary
Prof Jon Greenman Emeritus Professor of Mathematics    
Prof Peter Rowlinson Emeritus Professor of Mathematics 4B115 7468
Prof Ken Turner Emeritus Professor of Computing Science 3V1 6763
Prof Roger Bowers Honorary Professor of Mathematics    
Prof Tariq Durrani Honorary Professor of Computing Science    
Prof Dave Marples Honorary Professor of Computing Science    

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