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The work I do is part of the Division's Cognitive Computation (CogComp) research group. My over-arching aim is to understand (or help others to understand) how brains process information, and to apply that knowledge to the building of novel systems.

Some Papers

Nearly all of my papers are available over the net. In addition, here's a list of (considerably) older publications without links.


Research statement
My research is on the general area of biologically inspired computation. This covers neuromorphic systems (particularly synthetic sensory systems), neural networks, some aspects of computational neuroscience, and some aspects of Neuroinformatics. I have gradually come from a relatively engineering-led and highly abstracted neural networks background more and more into a neurophysiologically plausible neural networks researcher: further my interest has moved into how to connect silicon and neural systems, and into synthetic sensory systems. This has led me into the realms of Neuroinformatics recently, since this area needs further research in order to support possible new developments in (i) really understanding how brains work in their environment (ii) being able to build bidirectional brain/computer interfaces and (iii) building machines (I don't want to call them computers) which are capable of working robustly in their environment.
The UK Neuroinformatics Node.
This is the UK Node for the International Neuroinformatics Co-ordinating Forum, usually known as INCF. This group exists to encourage Neuroinformatics research and collaboration across the UK, and to provide a channel for communication to and from the INCF itself. In the past it has held meetings, and it is hope to do so again. Along with Stephen Eglen, I am co-ordinating it.
Grand Challenge 5: Architecture of Brain and Mind
Or to give it its full title: Architecture of Brain and Mind: Integrating high level cognitive processes with brain mechanisms and functions in a working robot. In 2010 I took over from Prof Steve Furber as chair of this grand challenge.

Recently Funded Research Projects

Research Areas, currently unfunded (but not inactive)

PhD projects

I'm still interested in supervising or co-supervising PhD projects. As well as the general areas above, the Department provides useful information and topics.

Previously funded research projects

Research Infrastructure


Current Conferences

I help organise a number of meetings within the Neuroinformatics area.

Past Conferences

Jointly with Shih-Chii Liu, I'm organising a Special Session on Sound and Speech Interpretation in Real Environments at IJCNN 2015.

Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems 2012 (BICS 12) was held in Shenyang, China from 11 - 14 July 2012

A rather good an interesting meeting was held here in 2011 ACIB 2011 based on the INBIOSA project. There's a book from it too.

The Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems 2010 (BICS 10) was held in Madrid, Spain, 14-16 July 2010, and the programme is available. The book from the conference is now available: From Brains to Systems: Brain-Inspired Cognitive Systems 2010, published by Springer, Advances in experimental medicine and biology, Volume 718, 2011, DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4614-0164-3

In conjunction with Alan Barros (Universidade Federal do Maranhao), Igor Aleksander, Ron Chrisley and Amir Hussain, we held Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems, BICS 08, in the Brazilian town of Sao Luis, in the state of Maranhao. the proceedings of this conference are available. A book with more complete versions of some of the published papers has been publisghed by Springer: Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems 2008, A. Hussain, I, Aleksander, L.S. Smith, A.K.Barros, R. Chrisley, and V. Cutsurdisis (eds), Springer Advances in Experimental medicine and Biology 657, Springer 2010.

In conjunction with Igor Aleksander, Ron Chrisley and Amir Hussain, we held BICS 2006, Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems, on the Island of Lesvos, Greece at the Hotel Delfinia from October 10 - 14, 2006.

In Conjunction with Amir Hussain and Igor Aleksander, I (and NAISO) organised BICS 2004, Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems, held in Stirling University, 29 August 2004-1 September 2004. The publication CD (and other materials) from this conference is now on the web.

Alister Hamilton, Catherine Breslin and I organised the The Second European Workshop on Neural Computing (EWNS2),  held in Stirling, 3-5 September 1999. The proceedings have been published as a special isue of IJNS (volume 9 No 5).  The second workshop built on the success of the 1st European Workshop on Neuromorphic Systems, held in Stirling from 29-31 August 1997. A book from this conference Neuromorphic systems: enginering silicon from neurobiology has been published by World Scientific.

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