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Welcome to Professor Amir Hussain's Home Page

Professor Amir Hussain 

Personal Chair in Cognitive Computation

Director, Cognitive Big Data Informatics (CogBID, formerly COSIPRA) Research Lab

Divisional Director: PhD Programmes

Founding Editor-in-Chief: Cognitive Computation journal (Springer Nature Neuroscience, USA: 5-year ISI Impact Factor (IF): 1.7)

Founding Editor-in-Chief: Big Data Analytics journal (Bio-Med Central / Springer Nature, UK)

Associate Editor: IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks & Learning Systems (ISI IF: 4.3) & IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine (ISI IF: 2.6)

Division of Computing Science & Maths, School of Natural Sciences

University of Stirling, Stirling FK9 4LA   SCOTLAND, UK

Tel / Fax: +44 (0)1786 - 476437 / 464551



Visiting Professor: Oxford (Computational Neuroscience Lab),

MIT Media Lab (Synthetic Intelligence Lab),

Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (China),  Anhui University, Hefei (China) & Taibah University (Saudi Arabia)


Senior Fellow Brain Science Foundation (USA), Fellow UK HEA

Brief Biography/CV & Professional Experience

Research Publications (List continuously updated, current total nearly 300 - as of start 2016!)


LATEST NEWS (Last Updated January 2016)




          ***NEW: Major New £0.5million grant awarded (as Lead Principal Investigator (PI)) by UK Government’s Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) under the “Disruptive Hearing-Aid Technologies Call!*** (Extensive media coverage, including in the BBC, the Herald, The Conversation and numerous medical research publications, such as: the Medical Design Technology Magazine, Hearing Review,  Med Device On-line, and others) In collaboration with Sheffield University and UK Medical Research Council (MRC) Institute of Hearing Research (IHR) at Glasgow Royal Infirmary (Scottish Section), and global hearing-aid manufacturers: Phonak

Two 3-year postdoctoral research fellows (including Dr A. Abel) to be employed under the grant titled “Next generation Hearing-Aids which can see!” (starting 1 Oct 2015) – both Post-doc Fellowship positions now FILLED

          Stirling PI, Project Co-Investigator (CI), for a major Scottish Chief Scottish Office (CSO) grant (~£350k, 2015-18), led by Edinburgh (Lead PI: Dr C. Lees), co-funded by AbbVie Ltd. and Open Brolly Ltd., titled: “PREdiCCt: Prognostic Effect of Environmental Factors in Crohn’s and Colitis” (with Stirling’s role to develop novel cognitively-inspired machine learning driven Big Data predictive prognostic models). 

           Lead PI for a new Scottish Digital Health Institute (DHI) and industry co-funded grant (2015-16), to fund a postdoctoral research fellow (Dr K Farooq) at Stirling, for developing a next-generation Big-Data predictive analytics, visualization and gamification driven Mobile App for diabetes (type 2) preventative care.

RECENT: Lead PI for a major 3-year (2011-14) EPSRC funded (£360k) postdoctoral research project on cognitive autonomous system modelling and control, in collaboration with Sheffield University, and industrial partners: Industrial Systems Control Ltd. and SciSys Ltd.


LATEST TOP 10 RESEARCH PAPERS:   (full-list on publications page)

1.     Malik, Z.K., Hussain, A. and Wu, Q.M.J. (2016)

Multi-Layered Echo State Machine: A novel Architecture and Algorithm, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2016 (in press) (ISI-SCI Impact Factor (IF): 3.6)

2.     Malik, Z.K., Hussain, A, Wu.J (2016)

Extracting online information from Dual and Multi-Datastream, in press, 2016, (Springer) Neural Computation and Application (ISI-SCI IF: 1.8)

3.     Malik, Z.K., Hussain, A., and Wu, J. (2016)

An online generalized eigenvalue version of Laplacian Eigenmap for Visualing Big Data, (Elsevier) Neurocomputing, Vol. 173: 127-136, 2016  (ISI-SCI IF 2.3)

4.     Poria S, Cambria E, Hussain A (2016)

Fusing Audio, Visual and Textual Clues for Big Social Data Analysis, (Elsevier) Neurocomputing, Vol. 174: 50-59, 2016 (doi:10.1016/j.neucom.2014.12.119) (ISI-SCI IF: 2.3)

            5.   Poria S, Cambria E, Gelbukh A, Bisio F, Hussain A (2015)

Sentiment Big Data Flow Analysis by Means of Dynamic Linguistic Patterns, IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, 10(4), 26-36, 2015 (ISI-SCI IF: 2.6)

6.   Poria S, Cambria E, Hussain A, Huang G  (2015)

Towards an intelligent framework for multimodal affective data analysis, (Elsevier) Neural Networks (doi:10.1016/j.neunet.2014.10.005) 63, 104-116, March 2015 (ISI-SCI IF: 2.7)

7.  Wajid S, Hussain A (2015)

      Local energy-based shape histogram feature extraction technique for breast cancer diagnosis, (Elsevier) Expert Systems with Applications, 42(20), 6990-6999, Nov 2015 (ISI SCI IF: 2.6)            

8.  Poria S, Gelbukh A, Cambria, Hussain A, Huang G (2014)

Emo-SenticNet: Development and Applications, (Elsevier) Knowledge-Based Systems, 69:108–123, October 2014 (ISI-SCI IF: 4.1)


New co-authored Books: (for senior undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers)

1.     Cambria E, Hussain A (2016 Edition) 

Sentic Computing: A Common-Sense-Based Framework for Concept Level Sentiment Analysis, Springer, Dec 2015 (now available on Amazon) (This Book is a sequel to our first pioneering research monograph on Sentic Computing (published by Springer in 2012 –the most highly cited Book in the area of sentiment and opinion mining from natural language text)

2.     Abel A, Hussain A (2015)

Cognitively-inspired Audio-visual Speech Filtering: Towards an Intelligent, Fuzzy Based, Multimodal, Two-Stage Speech Enhancement System, Springer, 2015 (This is the first research monograph in this exciting area of multimodal audio-visual speech enhancement, with applications in next-generation hearing-aids, cochlear-implants, speech recognition and listening devices)





***NEW/FORTHCOMING: 2016 Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing (ISI-SCI Impact Factor (IF): 2.7) on: “Affective Reasoning for Big Social Data Analysis” ***

(Co-guest edited with Dr E. Cambria, NTU Singapore, and Dr A. Vinciarelli, University of Glasgow - CFP will be available here soon, watch this space!)


***NEW: 2015 Special Issue of IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine (ISI-SCI 5-yr Impact Factor (IF): 4.629) on: “Computational Intelligence for Changing Environments” ***

(Special Issue now PUBLISHED! Guest Editorial available for free download:



***NEW: Starting in 2016! Founding Chief-Editor for Big Data Analytics (BDA) - an exciting new multi-disciplinary Open-Access journal by Springer /BioMed Central (BMC) ( ***

Journal now accepting submissions!!


***General co-Chair of the 7th International Conference on Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems (BICS’2015) being organized at Hefei, China, 11-13 Dec 2015***


*** Publications Chair for new INNS Big Data Section ( and its annual 2015 INNS Big Data Conference ( ***

(INNS is the world’s premiere organization for individuals interested in a theoretical and computational understanding of the brain and applying that knowledge to develop new and more effective forms of

machine intelligence, with its official journal “Neural Networks” published by Elsevier ( – join the INNS today!



***Publications Chair for the world's leading IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN'2015), Killarney, Ireland, July 12 - 16, 2015 ***

(Also, Organizer/co-Chair for IJCNN Special Session on "Emerging Methodologies for Big Data Integration", IJCNN2015 CFP details here:



***RECENT: International IEEE/EPSRC Workshop on “Autonomous Cognitive Robotics, Stirling 27-28 Mar 2014***

(Media Coverage: The Herald (Scotland), UK Financial Express , UK Sunday Times)

***RECENT: Call for Papers: Elsevier Neural Networks journal Special Issue on: Affective and Cognitive Learning Systems for Big Social Data Analysis – now published, Oct 2014***

***RECENT: 2013 SICSA International Summer School on Cognitive Computation, University of Stirling, 25-30 Aug, 2013***


International Recognition (selected examples)


Founding Editor-in-Chief: (ISI-SCI indexed)  Cognitive Computation (Springer Nature Neuroscience, NY, USA) (first 5-year ISI-SCI Impact Factor: 1.73)

Volumes 1/2009 – 7/2015 published (Free Preview!)

Founding Editor-in-Chief of new Open-Access journal: Big Data Analytics (Springer Nature / BioMed Central) – (PubMed indexed)

Associate Editor: IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks & Learning Systems (ISI-SCI Impact Factor: 4.37, ranked second top journal in the world, in its field)

Associate Editor: IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine  (ISI-SCI 5-yr Impact Factor (IF): 4.629)

Editor-in-Chief of new Book Series: SpringerBriefs on Cognitive Computation  (Springer Nature)

Editor-in-Chief of new Book Series: Socio-Affective Computing (Springer Nature)

IEEE UK & RI Chapter Chair, IEEE UK RI Industry Applications Society Chapter

Founding Publications Chair for INNS Big Data Section and annual 2015 INNS Big Data Conference

Publications Chair and Organizing Committee member, IEEE IJCNN2015, Killarney, Ireland, July 12 - 16, 2015


Founding Chair, Annual IEEE International Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Healthcare and e-Health (IEEE-CICARE’2013-2016)

(part of the flagship IEEE SSCI Conference- Call for Papers: IEEE CICARE 2014 / IEEE SSCI’2014, IEEE CICARE / SSCI’2015 and 2016 coming soon!)


Publications Chair, of the flagship IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence, see CFP at: IEEE WCCI’2014, Beijing, 6-11 July 2014.

(IEEE WCCI will host the three major IEEE CIS Conferences: IJCNN’2014, IEEE FUZZY’2014 and IEEE CEC’2014)


Program Chair, 6th International Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems Conference  (BICS’2013) - Call for Papers: BICS’2013, Beijing, China, 2013, BICS’2015 in Hefei, Anhui, and BICS’2016 planned in Beijing, China!


Co-Chair, 6th SIPRA’2014 held in Anhui, China, 16-18 Oct 2014, and 7th SIPRA 2015 held in Stirling, 31 May -1 June 2015


Invited Speaker, 2015 International Conference on Fuzzy System and Data Mining (FSDM2015), Shanghai, 12-15 Dec 2015 (Also Publications Chair for CECNet2015)

Invited Speaker, 15th International Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT2015), Islamabad, 14-16 Dec 2015 & International Conference on Intelligent Systems Engineering (ICISE’2016), Islamabad, 15-18 Jan 2016

Invited Speaker, International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2013), Dallas, 4-9 Aug 2013

Invited Speaker, 19th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, IEEE ICONIP’2012, Texas A&M University at Qatar, 12-15 November 2012


Major Research Responsibilities:

Founding Head, Cognitive Signal Image Processing Research (COSIPRA) Laboratory (listed in Complex Systems Registry), now known as the Cognitive Big Data Informatics (CogBID) Lab

Media Coverage of Lab’s research: UK Sunday Express Newspaper,  Stirling Observer, etc.

Director PhD Programmes, Division of Computing Science, University of Stirling

Brief Biography/CV & Professional Experience

Research Publications (List continuously updated, current total nearly 300 - as of start 2016!)


Some of my selected, recent, highly successful PhD graduates: Professor Erik Cambria, Professor Muaz Niazi, Dr Andrew Abel, Dr Zeeshan Malik, Professor Ahsan Abdullah, Dr Thomas Mazzocco, and numerous others!


Selected Current/Recent Grants / PhD/Postdoctoral Vacancies:


NEW: UK EPSRC under the “Disruptive Hearing-Aid Technologies Call” (two fully-funded postdocs, 2015-18)


NEW:  UK Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC) funded Joint-Project with China’s leading Tsinghua University (2014-16):

Cognitive SenticNet and Multimodal Topic Structure Parsing Techniques for Chinese and English Languages"(started May 2014)


RECENT:  PhD Studentship in next generation e-healthcare (2014-18) - FILLED

Novel Computational Intelligence based Clinical Decision Support System for Diabetes e-Health Care” (started Jan 2014)


RECENT: British Council (China) grant (2013-16)

(This grant, in collaboration with Anhui University, China, is one of 30 competitive grants funded by the British and Chinese Governments (2012 Sino-UK Higher Education Research Partnership Funding Call). The Stirling-Anhui project was ranked first by the Experts Panel (following two rounds of peer review in both the UK and China ) – for further details, email:


RECENT: Lead Principal Investigator for (~£360k) UK EPSRC Grant (2011-2014)

For a 3-year Post-doctoral Research Fellowship in: “Cognitive Control of Autonomous Systems” 

Co-funded by industry (ISC Ltd. and SciSys Ltd.)

(in collaboration with the Project Co-Investigator: Prof. Kevin Gurney, Computational Neuroscientist, University of Sheffield)

Post-doc Research Fellow Position FILLED! Project website here

(Potential impact of this ambitious project has already been extensively highlighted in the media e.g.: UK Sunday Express Newspaper , Stirling Minds)

This grant has led to three follow-on grants from the Royal Society of Edinburgh for collaborative research with China’s top Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing (Institute of Automation), Beihang and Anhui Normal Universities (2012-16).


RECENT: Principal Investigator (PI) for UK EPSRC Grant (2010-2013)

In collaboration with MIT Media Lab (USA), Harvard Medical School (USA) & Co-funded by SiteKit Solutions Ltd. (Scotland)

Project Title: Intelligent e-Health Expert System for Primary Care with a prototype for Cardiovascular Preventative Care


Other recently completed projects (selected):


UK EPSRC  and industry funded grant (2009-12)

In collaboration with MIT Media Lab (Boston, USA) & Co-funded by SiteKit Solutions Ltd. (Scotland)

“Application of Common Sense Computing for Enabling Next-generation Semantic Web Applications” Project Researcher: Erik Cambria (PhD awarded Feb 2012)

Publications List here


PhD project: Cognitive Agent based Modeling and Simulation, (Muaz Niazi), PhD awarded, July 2011 – Publications list here


Stirling PI, Vice-Chair and Grant Holder: European Science Foundation (ESF) funded Research Network (COST2102) (2007-11)


Chair, UK & Republic of Ireland IEEE IAS Chapter, Homepage: IEEE UK & RI Chapter: Industry Applications Society


Prospective PhD students: You are welcome to email me if you are interested in discussing any research idea(s) – you may either propose your own or I can give you something to think about!

The University of Stirling is ranked in the top 50 in the world in The Times Higher Education 100 Under 50 table (2015), which ranks the world's best 100 universities under 50 years old.