Using Formal Description Techniques -
An Introduction to Estelle, LOTOS and SDL

Book Cover

edited by Kenneth J. Turner

xxiv + 431 pages, 80 figures/tables, 29 specifications

John Wiley and Sons Ltd., 1993, ISBN 0-471-93455-0

Published Book

This book was originally published by John Wiley and Sons in January 1993. When the book went out of print, Wiley kindly passed the copyright to the editor who republished the book in April 2015. This is available online in PDF format. This version may not be identical typographically to the original book. Limited permission is given to individuals to copy it for their own private, non-commercial use.

Formal Descriptions

The complete set of example files from this book was published on disc by John Wiley. Note that these files are copyrighted by John Wiley and Sons Ltd. Nonetheless, limited permission is given to individuals to copy the on-line files below for their own private, non-commercial use.

The following files are available in source form. All files are plain text with Unix end-of-line. (On Windows, editors such as jEdit or Wordpad but not Notepad should cope with this.) Some files (figures) require LaTeX or PicTeX to view them. Some files (specifications) need a suitable tool to process them (e.g. CADP for LOTOS, Tau for SDL).

Get the Introduction for general information on the file naming conventions and other information. The files are collected into directories corresponding to chapters in the book.

Overview: Abstract

Introduction: On-Line Files

Chapter 1: The Context of FDTs

Chapter 2: Introduction to Estelle

Chapter 3: Introduction to LOTOS

Chapter 4: Introduction to SDL

Chapter 5: Daemon Game

Chapter 6: Unreliable Medium

Chapter 7: Sliding Window Protocol

Chapter 8: Abracadabra Service

Chapter 9: Abracadabra Protocol

Chapter 10: Development with Estelle

Chapter 11: Development with LOTOS

Chapter 12: Development with SDL

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