FrameMaker MIF to LaTeX Translator

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This program translates a FrameMaker MIF file to LaTeX. It is essential to work with documents prepared using the la_temp LaTeX-like templates. Unless you modify it, the conversion program will translate only FrameMaker documents that use these templates.

Error messages will be displayed for those paragraph formats or font formats that are not specified in the templates.

The mifch_la utility is used at the end of the program to convert all special characters. A pair of % or _ characters is changed to a single one.

The following information is lost in the translation:

The following information is fixed in the translation:

The following information can be recreated by running LaTeX on the result:


process as an article
process as a book
process as a report


Executing the command

mif_la -a myarticle

will convert the FrameMaker MIF (Maker Interchange Format) file named myarticle.mif or myarticle.framemif (the latter for NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP) into a LaTeX file named myarticle.tex, overwriting this document if it already exists. The LaTeX style file mif_la.sty is supplied. This should be in the style search path when you run LaTeX. The eurodate.sty style file is also supplied by default; it gives dates in the form `11th February 1998'. Omit this from mif_la.sty if you do not wish this date style.


Version 1.0 by Ken Turner and Felicia P. C. Hsu, 27th September 1994

Version 1.1 by Ken Turner, 4th May 1997

Version 1.2 by Ken Turner, 11th February 1998

Version 1.3 by Ken Turner, 29th May 2000

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Last Update: 28th July 2006