LaTeX-Like FrameMaker MIF Templates

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These FrameMaker MIF templates simulate the appearance of the main LaTeX document types (article, book, report) and formatting commands. They are useful in their own right for LaTeX users using Frame, and for improving translation between the two using la_mml. After converting to FrameMaker with this utility, apply the Use Formats From command to import formats from the relevant LaTeX-like template.

See the latex-style document in the distribution for an explanation of how to use the templates. There are templates for: article, book, report; basic, index, list of figures, list of tables, table of contents. The files are distributed as FrameMaker MIF files and are therefore ASCII.


The latex-style document gives some idea how to use these templates. The sectioning commands are not the same as LaTeX, e.g.:

The catalogue names can, in the main, be conveniently abbreviated. For example B(old), L(I1Bullet), M(1Heading), M2(Heading) and N(ewpage) are short-hands.


First public version by Ken Turner, 15/12/94

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Last Update: 15th July 2006