LaTeX to FrameMaker MML Translator

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This is a program to convert LaTeX source files into FrameMaker MML (Maker Markup Language) format. Run la_mml on a LaTeX file to generate MML output:

la_mml -a myarticle.tex

Now open la_mml.mml with FrameMaker. The resulting format will be approximate. To improve it do the following:

Documents may start with the \documentstyle command (LaTeX 2.09), or with \documentclass and \usepackage (LaTeX2e). Style files and packages are largely ignored.


process as an article
process as a book
process as a report
display program version
generate all paragraph formats on MML output
list unconverted LaTeX commands to standard error


Original version by R. Nigel Horspool <>, 1994

Extended version by Ken Turner and Felicia P. Hsu, 27th Sep 1994

Revised version by Ken Turner, 4th May 1997

Revised version by Ken Turner, 29th Mar 2008

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Last Update: 29th March 2008