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Current and Past Projects

Cyan Dot ANISE (Architectural Notions In Service Engineering)
Cyan Dot Automatic Transformation from UML to Lotos (Software Engineering Research Institute, Korea)
Cyan Dot COST 247 (Verification and Validation Methods for Formal Descriptions)
Cyan Dot Conformed (Conformance Of Radiological/Medical Devices, NCC)
Cyan Dot Cress (Communication Representation Employing Systematic Specification)
Cyan Dot Diet (Developing Implementation and Extending Theory - A Symbolic Approach to Reasoning about Lotos)
Cyan Dot Dill (Digital Logic in Lotos)
Cyan Dot Easel (Evaluating And Standardising Enhanced Lotos)
Cyan Dot Forces (Forum for Creation and Engineering of Telecommunications Services)
Cyan Dot Formosa (Formalisation of ODP Systems Architecture, EPSRC J/17555)
Cyan Dot Lotosphere (ESPRIT 2304)
Cyan Dot Pangloss (Parallel Architecture for Networking Gateways Linking OSI Systems, ESPRIT 890)
Cyan Dot Splice (Specification and Prototyping with Lotos for an Interactive Customer Environment, EPSRC F/67143)
Cyan Dot Squids (Specification and Analysis of Quality of Service in Distributed Systems, BT ML 634559)
Cyan Dot Topic (Toolset for Protocol and Advanced Service Verification in IBC Environments, RACE 2088)

Lotos Resources

Cyan Dot Online Documentation:
Green Dot Lotos Course
Green Dot Using Formal Description Techniques Book
Green Dot Syntax Summary
Green Dot BibTeX Bibliography

Cyan Dot Lotos Tools:
Green Dot Cress (graphical service description)
Green Dot Lotos Utilities
Green Dot Mustard (service validation)

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