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Hi there! If you're interested in what I get up to in my spare time (what spare time?), here are some more personal details.


I play the clarinet and bass clarinet whenever I can, and now also the viola (but I'm just a beginner on that).

I play the clarinet and piano repertoire with my friend Martin Davies, who introduced me to the Canford Summer School of Music in 2001. We've played recitals here at the University, and also for the Friends of Alloa Tower. I play clarinet ensemble music with Jilly Burns and Ruth Patterson (currently we're going under the name of Claribelles). If you'd like us to give you a concert, please get in touch.

I'm also interested in playing any of the chamber music repertoire which involves clarinet (e.g. clarinet + strings, wind quintet). If you're part of just such a group, but need a clarinet to make you complete, then let me know!

[This is a picture of a clarinet]

[Music line]

[Palette] I'm also known to be a bit arty. The picture on the right is a thumbnail of a picture I drew of Mount Rundle near Banff while attending a workshop there (some time ago now!). Click on it to get a better view. [Rundle-thumbnail]

My artistic life received a major jolt when I attended a Life Drawing class at the Glasgow School of Art (1995). To be able to sit and draw all day (without feeling that I should be doing something else) was just wonderful. At the end of the week I decided I wanted to be an artist instead of a computer scientist (but I'm still here :-)

I've tried to retain that feeling by attending various classes in Glasgow and Stirling, but it's hard to find the time. One day I might find the time to scan in some of my pictures and mount them on the web to share with everyone. If you're dedicated, you can find examples of my work in strange places: A portrait I drew of the workshop organiser at Banff, Graham Birtwistle, found its way into the Bulletin of the EATCS (European Association for Theoretical Computer Science) Number 49, and I also designed the cover for Manna and Pnueli's book on temporal logic: The Temporal Logic of Reactive and Concurrent Systems: Volume 1: Specification.

I also enjoy girlie things like needlework and the serious activities of eating and drinking. [Hobbes eating a sandwich]


Despite being a scientist, I'm also a bit superstitious, and fond of reading my horoscope (because you never know when these things might actually have something useful to say). Find out if this will be a good day for me.

Of course, another alternative is to be a real slob and watch my favourite videos. Mostly these are animated features by Disney, Aardman, Dreamworks or Don Bluth.

[Wallace and
Gromit] [Chicken]

I also love [Calvin] [picture of Calvin] [and Hobbes] [picture of Hobbes].

Last but not least, it's time I came out of the closet and owned up to watching Star Trek. Here's something that demonstrates this and also my fondness for felines.

My great friend and ex-supervisor Muffy Thomas got married in 1998. She's now Muffy Calder, and you can see some pictures ...

I followed her lead in 2006, and had a civil partnership ceremony with the lovely Pat. You can also see some pictures of us.

If you find any errors on these pages, or if some information is not quite in the place you expect to find it, please let me know. Constructive suggestions always welcome!

[Happy Hobbes]

Be happy!

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