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AMAST 2002
The following papers have all been accepted for presentation at AMAST 2004:

On Guard: Producing Run-Time Checks from Integrity Constraints Michael Benedikt and Glenn Bruns
Behavioural Types and Component Adaptation Antonio Brogi, Carlos Canal, and Ernesto Pimentel
Towards Correspondence Carrying Specifications Marius C Bujorianu and Eerke A Boiten
Formalizing and Proving Semantic Relations between Specifications by Reflection Manuel Clavel, Narciso Marti-Oliet, and Miguel Palomino
Model-Checking Systems with Unbounded Variables without Abstraction Magali Contensin and Laurence Pierre
A Generic Software Safety Document Generator Ewen Denney and Ram Prasad Venkatasan
Linear Temporal Logic and Z Refinement John Derrick and Graeme Smith
Formal JVM Code Analysis in JavaFAN Azadeh Farzan, Jose Meseguer, Grigor Rosu
Modelling Concurrent Interactions Juliana Kuster Filipe
Verifying a Sliding Window Protocol in mCRL Wan Fokkink, Jan Friso Groote, Jun Pang, Bahareh Badban, and Jaco van de Pol
State Space Reduction for Process Algebra Specifications Hubert GARAVEL and Wendelin SERWE
A Hybrid Logic of Knowledge Supporting Topological Reasoning Bernhard Heinemann
Flexible Proof Reuse for Software Verification Chris Hunter, Peter Robinson, and Paul Strooper
Deductive Verification of Operational Transformation Algorithms Abdessamad Imine, Pascal Molli, Gerald Oster and Michael Rusinowitch
Formal Verification of a Commercial Smart Card Applet with Multiple Tools Bart Jacobs, Claude Marche, and Nicole Rauch
Abstracting Call-Stacks for Interprocedural Verification of Imperative Programs Bertrand JEANNET and Wendelin SERWE
On Refinement of Mobile UML State Machines Alexander Knapp, Stephan Merz, and Martin Wirsing
Verifying Invariants of Component-based Systems through Refinement Olga Kouchnarenko and Arnaud Lanoix
Proof Support for RAISE by a Reuse Approach based on Institutions Morten P. Lindegaard and Anne E. Haxthausen
Separate Compositional Analysis of Class-based Object-oriented Languages Francesco Logozzo
Abstract Domains for Property Checking Driven Analysis of Temporal Properties Damien Masse
On Refinement of Generic State-based Software Components Sun Meng and Luis S. Barbosa
Modular Rewriting Semantics of Programming Languages Jose Meseguer and Christiano Braga
Modal Kleene Algebra and Partial Correctness Bernhard Moller and Georg Struth
Modularity and the Rule of Adaptation Cees Pierik and Frank S. de Boer
Modal Abstractions in mCRL Jaco van de Pol and Miguel Valera Espada
Semantics of Plan Revision in Intelligent Agents M. Birna van Riemsdijk John Jules Ch. Meyer Frank S. de Boer
Generic Exception Handling and the Java Monad Lutz Schroeder and Till Mossakowski
Expressing Iterative Properties Logically in a Symbolic Setting C. Shankland, J. Bryans, and L. Morel
Extending Separation Logic with Fixpoints and Postponed Substitution Elodie-Jane Sims
A Formally Verified Calculus for Full JavaCard Kurt Stenzel
Techniques for Executing and Reasoning About Specification Diagrams Prasanna Thati, Carolyn Talcott, and Gul Agha
Formalising Graphical Behaviour Description Kenneth J. Turner
A Language for Configuring Multi-level Specifications Steven Vickers and Gillian Hill
Model-Checking Distributed Real-Time Systems with States, Events, and Multiple Fairness Assumptions Farn Wang

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