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A Multichannel adaptive integrated MEMS/CMOS Microphone

EPSRC project EP/G06209/1, EP/G063710/1

This is a major new collaboration between the Department of Computing Science at the University of Stirling and the Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems at the University of Edinburgh.


The aim of the project is to develop a new type of MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) microphone with integrated neuromorphic electronics which will directly sense acoustic signals using a number of different MEMS sensors transducing the signal using resonant gate transducers, and conditioning the signals so detected using on-chip electronics. The idea is (i) to enable the creation of an active microphone that can cope with a wide dynamic range differentially over the spectrum, and (ii) to enable further analyses of the signal using neurobiologically plausible techniques directly.

The work at Edinburgh is primarily on the development of the technologies for appropriate MEMS devices, and on the integration of the MEMS and CMOS technologies to create the microphone device. The work at Stirling is on the integration of these devices with spike-based processing techniques, initially using simulation techniques based on results and modelling at Edinburgh, and later working with fabricated devices. This work will build on existing work at Stirling.


Research fellows

One further researcher will be appointed, at Edinburgh.

Associated Ph.D. students

A number of PhD students at Edinburgh (and hopefully at Stirling eventually too) are associated with the project. They are Rhonira Latif (Edinburgh), Enrico Mastropaolo (Edinburgh).

Project wiki/Social Networking

There is a wiki for use by the project staff and students, which will also contain further information on the project.

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