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Research Home Page

I recently stood down (on 30 November 2013) as Head of this Division, and am now plain Professor, and getting back more deeply into research (and many thanks to the University for a semester's research leave, now over).

I am Research Co-ordinator for the Division of Computing Science and Mathematics, and a member of the Cognitive Computation (CogComp) Research Group here. My own primary interests are in early auditory processing, spike-based computing and the interconnection of real (cultured) neurons and electronics. I am co-ordinator of the UK Neuroinformatics Node which is the UK Node of the INCF and chair of the UKCRC Grand Challenge GC-5 Architecture of the Brain and Mind.

Jointly with Shih-Chii Liu, I am holding a special session of the IJCNN 2015 conference in Killarney, Eire (Ireland), 12-17 July 2015, on Sound and speech interpretation in real environments.

Teaching Home page

In Autumn semester, 2013-4, I taught on

I have previously taught on many courses, and set up and organised the Digital media (DGM901) course, which runs in the Spring Semester, but has now been taken over by Communications, Media and Culture.

I am also involved with recruitment of students for our courses.


Yes, I am a person with other interests too. I have a wife and family, and play jazz/blues/folk piano, though I'm not currently a member of any specific band.

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