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This statement explains what information we collect when you access this web site, why we collect it, and whether we disclose it.

What information is collected?

In common with most web servers, the Internet address (IP address) and domain name of your computer are automatically logged. This does not identify you personally. The address of the page where the client came from (the referrer) and the software used to access the page (the web browser) are also logged.

If you choose to fill in a feedback form or to register with us, we record the details you supply on a computer system. This information is held in confidence by the project, and is used only to deal with your request. The data is held in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

This web site does not use cookies (which some sites use to track your activity).

Why is the information collected?

Routine logging of web server activity is necessary for monitoring the service we provide. As part of the monitoring process, logs are also used for statistical analysis.

Feedback is used to record your queries and our answers to them, so that we know what kinds of improvements we need to make in the information we supply.

Who may see this information?

Information collected through routine logging or feedback is not disclosed to anyone outside the project. The only exception would be where legislation required us to disclose information to authorised bodies such as the police.

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