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Computing Science Course Modules

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Modules on Canvas

For students registered for any of our modules, information can be found on Canvas

Further, general, information for modules may appear below.

Undergraduate Modules

Autumn Modules

CSCU9A1 - Introduction to Computing Science
CSCU9A3 - Data Structures, Objects and Algorithms
CSCU9B3 - Database Principles and Applications
CSCU9N5 - Multimedia and Human-Computer Interaction
CSCU9P5 - Software Engineering I
CSCU9V5 - Operating Systems, Concurrency and Distribution

Spring Modules

CSCU9A2 - Programming and User Interface Design
CSCU9B2 - Making the Most of the World Wide Web
CSCU9T4 - Managing Information
CSCU9TF - XML: Self-describing data (Forth Valley College students only)
CSCU9V4 - Systems I
CSCU9Y4 - Programming Language Paradigms
CSCU9N6 - Computer Game Technologies
CSCU9P6 - Software Engineering II
CSCU9T6 - Information Systems
CSCU9W6 - Communications and Networks

Two Semester Modules

CSCU9Z* - Honours Project

Honours Half-Modules

Autumn Modules

CSCU9YD - Technologies for e-commerce
CSCU9YE - Artificial Intelligence
CSCU9YH - Telecommunications Systems and Services
CSCU9YS - Computer Security and Forensics

Spring Modules

CSCU9YM - Modelling for Complex Systems
CSCU9YO - Big Optimisation Spaces
CSCU9YW - Web Services

Personal Development Modules

Autumn Modules

CSCU9PD - Professional Development for Computer Scientists

Summer Modules

CSCU9IS - Computing Science Industrial Summer Placement

Postgraduate Modules

Autumn Modules

ITNP001 - Principles and Practice of Programming
ITNP023 - Foundations of Information Technology
ITNPBD1 - Mathematical Foundations
ITNPBD2 - Representing and Manipulating Data
ITNPBD4 - Commercial and Scientific Applications of Big Data
ITNPFT1 - Blockchain Technologies

Winter Break Modules

ITNP051 - Winter Assignment (MSc IT, MSc CB, MSc CFM)
ITNP056 - Winter Assignment (MSc AC)

Spring Modules

ITNP02B - Mobile Apps and Services
ITNP070 - Networking and Webscripting
ITNP090 - Object Oriented Software Design
ITNPBD6 - Data Analytics
ITNPBD7 - Cluster Computing
ITNPBD8 - Evolutionary and Heuristic Optimisation

Summer Break Modules

ITNP096 - Masters Project (Software Engineering)
ITNP097 - Masters Project (Computing for Business)
ITNP098 - Masters Project (Computing for Financial Markets)
ITNP099 - Masters Project (Information Technology)
ITNPBD5 - Dissertation Project

Undergraduate | Honours Half-Modules | Personal Development | Postgraduate

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