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Graduation Days 2012

A selection of graduates from the department, who were caught on camera at the June graduation days' receptions. Original photos are available on request to email link at foot of page.

Congratulations to all of our graduates.

27.06.2012 and 28.06.2012

Sarah Mattocks

Samantha Bell

Carin Lang

Megan Wright

Ian Tart

Matthew Trotter

Graham Ferguson

Paul McMenemy

Neil Twigg

Joe Macari

James Ferry

Adrian Worton

Tobias Haag

Russell Hunter

Iona Paterson

Lee Reich

Hayley McCafferty

Ross Mercer

Hayley Thomson

Catriona Scott

Gaynor Lonie

Emma Thomson

Alan Donaldson

Douglas Thompson

Sam Peilow

Cosku Barissever

CS prize winner: Tobias Haag with Prof Leslie Smith

CS prize winner: Neil Twigg with Prof Leslie Smith

Maths prize winners: Adrian Worton, Iona Paterson
and Lee Reich with Dr Adam Kleczkowski

A group of maths students and staff after the ceremony

A group of maths students and staff at our reception

A group of maths students at our reception