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Computing Science Labs

Computing Science Labs

The department runs four PC labs for the benefit of Computing Science Undergraduate and Computing Science Taught Postgraduate students:

Room PCs Printer Users
4X5 38 Yes CS Honours UG and CS Taught PG students only
4X8 12 No CS Honours UG and CS Taught PG students only
4B89 18 Yes 2nd Year and CS Honours UG students only
4B91 14 Yes CS Taught PG students only

Honours UG and Taught PG students will need to use their CS domain account to login to departmental labs.

Your account is for your use only.
Allowing others to use your account is in breach of the University's Information Security Policy and could lead to disciplinary action.

Lab Etiquette

No smoking, eating or drinking in the labs.

Please keep the labs tidy. Unwanted printout should be placed in the TREECYCLER recycling bins.

Please wear headphones when listening to music, and leave the lab when using your mobile phone.

When you have finished, log off and switch off the monitor. Please do not shut down the PC.

Printers and Paper

Printing facilities are provided in all departmental labs. Printing is currently free of charge.

Paper is available from 4B81. Please don't use your own paper or re-use old paper as this can cause jams and other printer failures.

Printing problems and paper jams should be reported to CSG.

Saving Work

When you login in a departmental PC lab, Windows drive H is a network connection to your home directory. All of your work should be saved in your home directory on drive H.

Files left anywhere else, such as on your desktop or on the PC's local disk, may be unsafe, inaccessible from elsewhere and not backed up. Files saved on H are backed up daily.

Files saved on your Desktop or under My Documents will slow down your login and logout times.

Lab Software

The installation of additional software by students is not permitted. If software you believe is necessary for coursework is missing you should consult your course director. If an item of general-purpose software appears to be missing, report it as a fault to CSG.

Software for Home PCs

The networked disk volume


contains installation materials for all of the software used in CS labs that can be made available for students to install on their home PCs.

Students can create their own copy of this volume, or borrow a copy from 4B81 on production of their student ID card.

See the Student Software webpage at for further details.

Fault Reporting

Many of the services provided in the labs are monitored remotely, but it is not a good idea to assume that we will know about any particular fault this way.

If you find a problem with any of the lab equipment please report it to CSG. Don't assume that someone else will have reported the problem already. If we don't know about a fault, we can't fix it!

Frequently Asked Questions

The CSG FAQ page is permanently under development.

Computing Support Group (CSG)

Student computing labs and services are managed by the Computing Support Group (CSG).


Telephone: 7443 or 7442

Visit: Cottrell, Room 4B81

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