Service and Feature Interactions in TINA

Mario Kolberg and Evan H. Magill

Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems V,

K. Kimbler and L.G. Bouma (Eds.), IOS Press, 1998

A neglected aspect of feature interaction is the study of appropriate architectures to avoid interactions. This paper considers TINA. TINA is a networking architecture being developed by the TINA Consortium, a group of major telecommunication companies, in order to provide a common base for the provision of multimedia services. However, TINA explicitly supports interworking of services and so unless TINA can avoid interactions we jeopardise having fast, reliable service creation.

Following a short introduction into TINA, this paper looks at the effects this architecture has on the feature interaction problem. We identified three ways services can interwork within TINA. Namely, Composition, Federation, and by means of the Access Session. We then investigate the potential for interactions in TINA by reviewing the nature and causes of TINA based interactions with regard to the feature interaction benchmark by Cameron et al.