Neuromorphic Systems

European Workshops on Neuromorphic Systems

Two European Workshops on Neuromorphic Systems have been held at Stirling University.

Alister Hamilton, Catherine Breslin and Professor Leslie Smith organised the The Second European Workshop on Neural Computing (EWNS2),  held in Stirling, 3-5 September 1999. The proceedings have been published as a special isue of IJNS (volume 9 No 5). 

The second workshop built on the success of the 1st European Workshop on Neuromorphic Systems, held in Stirling from 29-31 August 1997. A book from this conference Neuromorphic systems: enginering silicon from neurobiology has been published by World Scientific.

In more recent times, Neuromorphci Systems has become more mainstream, and the subject is now more visible in mainstream conferences, such as the forthcoming BICS 2004.

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