Remove LaTeX Commands
Spell Check LaTeX Documents

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One or more (La)TeX files may be given on the command line. File names without a .tex extension are automatically given one.

untex attempts to remove all (La)TeX commands, but is not foolproof. In particular, it can fail to work correctly for constructs that span more than one line. The public domain utility detex might be a better alternative to untex.

spelltex removes (La)TeX commands and then runs the standard UNIX spell-checker. If the environment variable SPELLDIR is defined, it gives the directory containing the local spelling file to be used, otherwise "British" spelling is used.


Here are some example uses:

  untex myfile.tex
  untex file1 file2 file3
  spelltex myfile.tex
  spelltex file1 file2 file3


First public version Ken Turner, 07/04/93 (untex), 02/03/93 (spelltex)

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Last Update: 15th July 2006