Check LaTeX Begin-End Pairs

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This script checks that begin-end pairs of LaTeX commands do in fact match. Source files without a .tex extension are automatically given one. If no parameters are given, the script reads from the standard input. If multiple parameters are given, the script prefixes each report with the file name.

The pairs which are checked are:

\begin{thing} ... \end{thing}
( ... )
[ ... ] (but not when escaped with backslash)
{ ... } (but not when escaped with backslash)
\( ... \)
\[ ... \]
$ ... $

Pairs which are not checked are:

` ... '
" ... "
\verb@ ... @ (for arbitrary delimter @, and \verb followed by *)

Verbatim text is ignored, specifically \begin{verbatim} ... \end{verbatim} (or the verbatim* variant).


Run on a (La)TeX file with or without an extension:

checktex file[.tex]

The resulting report of problems is sent to the standard output.


First public version Ken Turner, 28/07/92

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Last Update: 15th July 2006