Mail Merge for FrameMaker

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Input Format

The input may contain fields of the following form:

followed by the name of a file with merge data
read next line of merge data (e.g. for a sheet of labels)
name of field to be replaced by value in merge data

The field marker $ may be changed in the code.

The merge data has the form:


The field separator "," may be changed in the code. Field names are alphanumeric (including "_").


If necessary, save the original FrameMaker file in MIF format first as file.merge.framemif. (The MIF extension may be just .mif other systems.) Then carry out the mail merge with:

fmerge file.merge[.framemif]

The result will be an output file called file.framemif which can be read into FrameMaker again.

Note that embedded graphics and frames may cause odd effects in the output because they are (incorrectly) shared between the copied pages. They may not appear on the screen but the printed version should be OK.


Original due to Tommy Persson, 14/12/92

First public version Ken Turner, 04/12/95

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Last Update: 15th July 2006