User Datagram Protocol Simulator

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Protocol Description

UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is a simple connection-less protocol for transferring datagrams in either direction between a pair of user ports. Each datagram is identified by its source and destination port numbers (in the range 0 to 65535).

Protocol Parameters

User A Source Port User A Destination Port
User B Source Port User B Destination Port

Protocol Simulation

The protocol simulation shows a time-sequence diagram with users A and B, protocol entities A and B that support them, and a communications medium that carries messages. Users request data transmissions with DatReq(Src,Dst,Dn) and receive data transmissions as DatInd(Src, Dst,Dn). Data messages are simply numbered D0, D1, etc. in sequence for each user; no explicit data content is given. Each user request leads to the protocol message DT(Src,Dst,Dn) that gives the source port, destination port and data message number.

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Last Update: 11th February 2011