English-French Sailing Dictionary


This English-French dictionary of sailing terms may be useful to English speakers sailing in French-speaking waters. The dictionary follows British English, which may differ slightly in spelling and usage from other English-speaking countries. It is not claimed to be complete. The author would be grateful if any errors or omissions were notified to him. In alphabetical order, Steve Bottomley (electrical engineering terms), Jean Boucharlat (a very big thank you!), Ralph Bowsfield, Robert Campbell, Laurence Flory, Bernard Gagné, Lionel Grandin, Ronan Grandin, Malcolm Perrins (a big thank you!), Frank Singleton, François Uguen, and Jean Vaury (a big thank you!) kindly commented on and contributed to the dictionary.

The dictionary represents independent work by the author over several years. There are other unconnected dictionaries:

French Flag See also the equivalent French-English dictionary.

Terms are listed in alphabetical order. The following conventions are used:

bold a more important term
italic the context (e.g. sense or grammatical role of a word)
(...) an optional word
adj adjective
adv adverb
f feminine noun
m masculine noun
pl plural
v verb

The terms are in three groups:

Certain of the principal translations appear in the following figure; in some cases there are alternative terms.

Warning This dictionary is offered in good faith. However, the author does not vouch for the accuracy of the translations and does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions. Consult an authoritative source if an accurate translation is required. The author retains the copyright in this dictionary, but grants free use for non-commercial purposes.

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Last Update: 22nd January 2021
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