Research Team

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Prof. Ivan Andonovic, University of Strathclyde

Ivan Andonovic

[Principal Investigator] Ivan is ITI Techmedia Professor of Broadband Networks. He has experience in optical sensor technologies as well as advanced broadband networking. He has published over 180 scientific papers, and was co-founder of a start-up company that manufactures advanced components.

Prof. Ian Marshall, University of Lancaster

Ian Marshall

[Principal Investigator, Project Leader] Ian is Professor at the University of Lancaster, and Director of the Centre for Environmental Informatics. He is also Technical Director of the DTI funded Envisense research centre and leader of the SECOAS project, which has deployed an intelligent sensor network at the Scroby Sands windfarm site off the Norfolk coast.

Dr. Klaus McDonald-Maier, University of Essex

Klaus McDonald-Maier

[Principal Investigator] Klaus is a Reader in Computer Science. He is actively involved in research in Systems-on-Chip architectures. This also includes the field of embedded systems technology and computer and neural processor architectures, where he developed architectures with the highest performances in their respective fields.

Prof. Ken Turner, University of Stirling

Ken Turner

[Principal Investigator] Ken is Professor of Computing Science. His research interests include network architectures and services, distributed systems, and policy-based control of heterogeneous devices. He also works on rigorous methods for specifying and analysing complex systems.