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Extensively annotated dialogue data collected at the University of Edinburgh has now been released. For more information see the project news.

MATCH (Mobilising Advanced Technologies for Care at Home) is a collaborative research project focused on technologies for care at home. Although based in Scotland, our work is globally relevant.

MATCH is helping by:

  • maintaining the independence of those receiving social and health care at home
  • improving their quality of life
  • enhancing the care they receive at home
  • easing the burden on their carers.

We can offer:

  • expertise and research capacity in home care technologies
  • techniques that integrate a variety of existing and future devices and services
  • interfaces that allow our own solutions to work with others
  • usable technologies that support delivery of social and health care at home
  • guidelines and training on use of home care technologies.
Woman with model house

We have specialised expertise in:

  • home care networks and services
  • lifestyle monitoring
  • speech communication
  • human interfaces using novel techniques.

Our end users are those at home with complex care needs: long-term illness, physical or mental impairment.

You can find out more about MATCH through a variety of online resources.

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