FORCES Project Activities

Types of Activity

The project plan includes the following activities:
The project holds periodic internal workshops. The aims are to establish a set of key research problems to be tackled, and to establish groups to work on these problems. UK researchers in the field can attend project meetings by invitation. Contact the project coordinator if you are interested.
The project organises an annual colloquium as a formal means of presenting and discussing ongoing work on telecommunications services in the UK. The colloquia are open to any UK participants - not just consortium members. Contact the project coordinator if you would like to attend. The project has (limited) funding to support participation from outside the consortium. The colloquia have a UK focus and stress industrial requirements. However since the subject of FORCES is essentially international, the colloquia also include presentations by invited international speakers.
Industrial-Academic Cooperation
The project supports partner visits between sites for the purpose of exploring particular problems. These include visits by academics to companies to understand better the problems to be solved in creating telecommunications services. Visits are also supported from companies to universities to gain knowledge of the techniques and tools developed by academics.
Electronic Publication
The project makes its information available electronically via these web pages. The contents include articles, bibliographic information and an electronic newsletter on telecommunications service creation and engineering.

Programme of Events

Project Workshop, 8th-9th September 1998
Project Workshop, 4th-5th February 1999
Project Workshop, 6th-7th September 1999
Project Colloquium, 26th November 1999
Project Workshop, 12th April 2000
Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems, 17th-19th May 2000
Project Colloquium, 4th December 2000
Project Workshop, 5th December 2000
Project Workshop, 3rd April 2001
Project Colloquium, 2nd October 2001

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