FINITE (Feature Interaction in Telecommunications)

This project is being undertaken from September 1993 to May 1997. The goal is a architectural method for modelling and analysing telecommunications architectures with respect to the feature interaction problem. The project is being undertaken by Nikolaos Kosmas under the supervision of Ken Turner.


The areas of interest that are directly related to this work have a wide spread. For even just telecommunication architectures and models, influences come from the Intelligent Network (IN), Open Systems Interconnection (OSI), Open Distributed Processing (ODP), Broadband Communications Networks, and Communications Management Architectures. Because Europe is becoming more active in the area of communications, it is appropriate to consider European projects and approaches such as the Telecommunications Networking Information Architecture (TINA) and the Race Open Services Architecture (ROSA). These architectural frameworks are combined with analysis and design techniques (object-oriented techniques, formal methods) and other generic frameworks (Open Distributed Processing) to offer perspectives on analysing telecommunication architectures.

The focus of the research is Feature Interaction (FI), with many starting points towards a solution to the problem. The goal of this research is therefore analysis of telecommunications architectures with respect to the feature interaction problem. The analysis and/or design of telecommunication systems requires huge investments of manpower and resources. Therefore, they are not good targets for research at least on an individual basis. Consequently, work is focused on directions such that expertise and other research in the Department can be utilised.

Current Work

The following areas have been studied in detail:

Future Work

Future work will concentrate on:

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