ACCESS (Adapting Call Control-Enabled SoftSwitches)

Project Overview
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Project Overview

The ACCESS project ran from March 2003 to March 2005. It was supported by the TCS programme of TTI (Technology Transfer and Innovation Ltd.) under grant 4132. The project was joint between Edinburgh Network Technologies Ltd (edNET) and Computing Science and Mathematics (University of Stirling). The project personnel were:

The project focused on call control for softswitches. This is part of a much larger industry drive towards Voice over IP (VoIP, also known as Internet Telephony). A softswitch is a general-purpose computer programmed to support telecommunications - particularly telephony.

The ACCESS project was part of wider work at edNET on VoIP. The main goals of ACCESS were:


The technical basis of ACCESS is principally contained in the following published papers:

The following papers are relevant to the ACCESS work:

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