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So you want to do a PhD?

I'm part of a group working on process algebra and verification. For information on my interests, see my Research page.

My main interest currently is the use of formal methods, particularly probabilistic languages to describe biological systems. There are two main strands:

I'm also interested in the the semantics of LOTOS (a formal description technique) and the development of a framework for reasoning about LOTOS specifications, which is more compact than the standard framework. Until recently this work was funded under the DIET project. Briefly, we've utilised a symbolic framework developed by Hennessy and Lin to encode the formal description technique LOTOS (which has process algebra plus data). This means that we now have a finite representation for LOTOS semantics (making LOTOS behaviours amenable to automated reasoning). Anything related to that would be suitable as a PhD project with me.

Possible projects include:

Having said all that, I'm open to suggestions, so why not email me .

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