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Welcome to MEDIC

This is the web page for the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) funded project Improving Patient Outcome by Integrating the Generic with the Personal. This is a collaborative project between the Universities of Cranfield, Imperial College London, Nottingham, Queens' University Belfast, and Stirling

Our aim is to develop a framework for mathematical and computational modelling which can capture the synergistic, spatio-temporal nature of an individual person and to use this to recommend and monitor healthcare interventions.

In order to achieve this we will use the combined expertise of our multidisciplinary team to develop new mathematical/computational models which are:

  • FAST, so that they can be used in real-time to inform decisions on therapeutic strategy, even when only standard desk- top or lap-top technology is available;
  • ACCURATE, so that the predictions will be trusted by clinicians and patients;
  • RELIABLE, so that they can be used without the intervention of specialist ``support''.

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