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Other reading

There is a short bibliography at the end of this document. The `bible' of was written by Leslie Lamport, who was its creator [Lamport86]. There is a copy in the library and various copies are owned by members of the Department (who are generally very reluctant to lend them out). It is not particularly well organised as a book, but, there is, at the time of writing, no alternative. For dissertation preparation these notes should suffice, although reference to Lamport's book may prove necessary on occasion.

Anyone wanting to know more about digital type-setting, and about typography in general, should consult the book Digital Typography by Richard Rubinstein [Rubinstein88]. This is a very interesting and well-written book that is saturated with useful references and gives lots of fascinating ideas.

itself is thoroughly documented in the works by Donald Knuth, but these are NOT recommended as suitable reading for the novice.