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Ethical and Social Issues

Our laser printers are used by staff, honours students and postgraduate students in the Department. Anti-social behaviour easily leads to frayed tempers and worse! Please remember always that you are not the sole user of the printers and try to consider the needs of others.

Print Runs.
These should be kept short using the dvips options available. Few of us enjoy standing by the printer watching someone's life history appear while waiting for one page of output. In particular, only print the pages that you need, and print them only when you need them.

Paper Supply.
It is easy to reload the printer tray (the need is indicated on an Apple/Sun LaserWriter by the amber light staying on continuously, and by a displayed message on HP LaserJets). If you are printing lots of pages, go and make sure that there is paper available. Don't overfill the feed tray, as this may cause the printer to jam; about half full is sufficient.

Do it elsewhere, not on the laser printers please. xdvi is quite competent at the job. We would prefer to avoid the need to impose paper quotas, but such options are open to us...

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