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Style and Use

Don't try to produce perfect copy from the start. Get the structure and content of the document right, and only then, at the last stage, sort out any odd formatting problems such as widows and orphans (see below), or extra spaces.

Typography uses italics rather than underlining for emphasis. Don't overdo the use of emphasis, as it soon loses its effect. A further useful convention is to set the first occurrence of a significant technical term in boldface.

Widows &Orphans.
A widow is the last line of a paragraph appearing as the top line of a page. Similarly, an orphan is the first line of a paragraph appearing as the last line of a page. The page-breaking algorithm in is quite good, but these still occur from time to time. Careful use of \newpage can remove orphans, but leave such tasks until the very end of document production. Widows are harder to remove.

Style Options.
A dissertation should be produced using the following documentstyle options.

Appending a glossary of technical terms seems to be a growing trend, but if you do so, take care to obtain some good definitions. A glossary is really only justified where the topic makes use of many specialised terms.

You can produce these with , but the provision of an index is NOT recommended for dissertations. Better to provide a tableofcontents at the beginning, since this guides the reader more effectively.

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