International Workshop on Automatic Software Optimisation

5th edition of GI @ GECCO 2018 in Kyoto, Japan

This event is now in the past. The 7th edition of the GI workshop will take place with GECCO 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic, 13-17 July. More details here.

5th Edition of the GI workshop will take place with GECCO 2018 in Kyoto, 15-19 July

A preliminary program is available here
These are the accepted papers

  • Novelty Search for software improvement of a SLAM system
    López-López, Trujillo, Legrand
  • Genetic Configuration Sampling: Learning a Sampling Strategy for Fault Detection of Configurable Systems
    Xuan, Gu, Ren, Jia, Fan
  • Synthesizing Customized Network Protocols using Genetic Programming
    Roohitavaf, Zhu, Kulkarni, Biswas
  • Assessing Single-Objective Performance Convergence and Time Complexity for Refactoring Detection
    Nader-Palacio, Rodríguez-Cárdenas, Gomez Perdomo
  • Dynamic Fitness Functions for Genetic Improvement in Compilers and Interpreters
    Krauss, Mössenböck, Affenzeller
  • Towards Modular Large-Scale Darwinian Software Improvement

This workshop series was established in 2015. The main page of the series is

A comprehensive survey on GI is available here.