Sarah L Thomson, PhD Researcher


Sarah is a full-time Computer Science PhD student at the University of Stirling in her first year. She is supervised by Dr Gabriela Ochoa and Dr David Cairns and is funded by the DAASE (Dynamic Adaptive Automated Software Engineering) project. She is currently working on combinatorial fitness landscape analysis; in particular local optima networks. Outside of work her interests include travel, physics, chemistry, and history. She is currently a lab demonstrator for a games development class which is done in Java and a masters-level evolutionary and heuristic optimisation class in Python. Please see below for her current CV and publications.


Room: Room 4B101, Cottrell Building, University of Stirling

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Comparing Communities of Optima with Funnels in Combinatorial Fitness Landscapes (Accepted)

Publisher: The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (2017)

Type of publication: conference paper

Authors: Sarah L. Thomson, Fabio Daolio, and Gabriela Ochoa

The Effect of Landscape Funnels in QAPLIB Instances (Accepted)

Publisher: The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (Companion Proceedings, 2017)

Type of publication: workshop paper

Authors: Sarah L. Thomson, Gabriela Ochoa, Fabio Daolio, and Nadarajen Veerapen


Sarah Thomson

PhD Researcher