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My teaching experience


Course description: Simulation techniques and system modelling find application in fields as diverse as physics, chemistry, biology, economics, medicine, computer science, and engineering. The purpose of this course is to introduce fundamental principles and concepts in the general area of systems modelling and simulation. Topics to be covered in this course are discrete event simulation, statistical modelling, and simulation modelling design, experimental design, model testing and interpretation of simulation results. The maximum likelihood estimation of probability distributions based on real data is presented. The course will also introduce the generation of random variates and testing. Fundamental programming of simulation models in C is covered and specialized simulation packages introduced. The students will complete a real world simulation project where the emphasis will be on manufacturing or service systems.

My involvement:

  • Spring 2013: Primary teacher
  • Spring 2011: Assistant teacher in charge of homework assignments and a couple of lectures
  • Spring 2010: Gave two lectures as a guest teacher