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This material is all a bit historical as far as Stirling Computing Science labs are concerned, although it is not completely irrelevant!

Unix, ksh and window management notes for Computing Science Workstations

Simon B. Jones

May 26, 1997

Note: This document does not apply to the use of Macintoshes, although the aspects not dependent on mwm (see below) should apply to using Unix from the Macintoshes via eXodus.

The basic advice in this document applies to the default set-up that users are provided with. If you have customized any aspects yourself then some or all of the following may not be valid -- but in that case you presumably don't need basic advice. Be warned that this is basic advice, even though quite extensive: if you start making sophisticated use of Unix, then you will find that some things are much more subtle than they appear here!

Dr S B Jones (Staff)
Mon May 26 10:52:24 BST 1997