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How to obtain your own Java system

  • Oracle's Java Development Kit is available as a free download over the Internet. Follow the Java SE (Java Standard Edition) download links.
    February 2014: You need the "Java SE 7 Update 45" download, or "Java SE 7 Update 45 with NetBeans" if you are more adventurous (NetBeans is an advanced "integrated development environment"). The Jave SE 7 Documentation would also be useful.

    Note: The JDK is not an "integrated development environment" (IDE). It is purely driven from the command prompt in a command window (on a PC with Windows XP/7/8/etc or with Linux). In some ways that's easier, and in some ways it's harder. Various software products are available to "front end" the JDK and make it easier to use - see NetBeans above, and others below.

  • BlueJ is a relatively simple Java programming support system. It is a simple project manager and program editor, and is used as an interface to the Sun JDK ("Java Development Kit", required too, see above).

    BlueJ is free for personal, non-commercial use.

    Some useful BlueJ documents here

  • If you would like a more powerful Java programming support system, then there are a number of options around. Here are three (in no particular order):

    The department has Java and BlueJ available for download from our network server at \\wsv\student, via CampusNet.

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