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Perl examples

This directory contains a variety of CGI demo scripts

  • A Very Dull Page in Perl (source code)
  • Page containing a form, with two input fields, that invokes a Perl script. This script displays the values of the Environment variables REQUEST_TYPE and QUERY_STRING. The Request_Type will be "GET", and the Query_String will be the user's input to the fields of the form (Form source code, Perl source code)
  • A simple database access through Perl: Go (source code)
    (More information about Perl and databases here)
  • Two simple interlinked CGI scripts: offers a choice from a database, and then feeds the choice to via CGI, which fetches more info.
    Click here to run
    ( source, source)
  • Sending email from a Perl CGI script (Source code)

(See also Database examples)

Perl on PCs: Recommend that you install the most recent version of ActivePerl from . Depending on what you need to do, you may need to download extra Perl packages using the DOS command line program ppm distributed with ActivePerl (probably packages DBI, PlRPC, DBD-Oracle, DBD-ODBC).

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