I teach on a number of courses across the school of Natural Sciences. Most of my teaching falls within the Division of Computing Science and Mathematics, at the moment  I teach algebra to first years (MAT912), probability to second years (MAT913) Game theory to 3rd and 4th years (MAT9MA) and am module coordinator for our short projects module for 4th years (MAT9J8).

However, as part of the Centre for Aquatic Food Security I am developing an MSc in Aquatic food security which will start running in October 2014 and an undergraduate module for 2nd year geologists called Our Hungry planet which will run in Spring 2015.  We are also updating the Mathematics courses to fit in with the new University teaching plans, so, for example I am developing a research skills module for 4th year Mathematics students.

Externally I am leader of the Modelling module for the Scottish Mathematical Sciences Training Centre (SMSTC) which is a Scottish wide centre which delivers advanced mathematics modules to 1st year PhD students in the mathematical sciences.

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Rachel Norman(ran@cs.stir.ac.uk)